Inquisitor: noun \ in-ˈkwi-zə-tər \ From the Latin, inquirere | quaerere, “to seek.” One who makes inquiry into things contrary to Catholic doctrine, with the intent of combating heresy.

With an impressive line-up of contributors (meet some of them below), The Catholic Inquisitor is committed to defending Catholic tradition – every issue, every month – without compromise. Click HERE for a sample of the July issue.

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Meet some of our contributors

“Unfortunately, since the Council, conservative Catholic papers have spread the mixture of truth and error characteristic of conservative Churchmen. But the traditional press could be counted on to staunchly defend the Faith – until recently. It is now obvious that formerly traditional papers have lost their vigor, content to report the morsels of truth spoken by conservative leaders whilst studiously ignoring their errors; stressing what unites, rather than what divides, in order to achieve some common good. The numbing of traditional Catholic journalism has produced a void in the propagation of Catholic Truth. The Catholic Inquisitor is being launched in the hopes of filling the void, with the help of God’s grace.” – Cornelia Ferreira

“The Catholic Inquisitor is THE solution to the rut that Catholic journalism has fallen into in the last few years. Even though the dynamics of Church, State, and Society have changed, mostly for the worse, we find ourselves still treating the same subjects in the same way, as if NOTHING has changed. Knowing the staff of writers that is being assembled for The Catholic Inquisitor, I can say that it will definitely not be among the publications that sell out their point of view for “funding” by sources that have a vested interest in the “news content” of the story.

Surely, the pronouncements of Popes, Councils, and Doctors of the Church were meant to be understood and mentally adhered to by the faithful. The purpose was to apply these certain truths to their lives and upon this hung their salvation. I believe that The Catholic Inquisitor will be undaunted in the face of enemies of the truth, no matter from which side they come.” – Dr. Peter Chojnowski

“As a regular contributor to AKA Catholic, I am very excited to know of plans to publish a new monthly Catholic newspaper, The Catholic Inquisitor, in both a newsprint and electronic format.  The latter format is especially important to the many Catholics around the world, outside the U.S., who have become fans of AKA Catholic.

I look forward to the honor of contributing to this new publication in the months and years ahead. God be with you.”

– Randy Engel

We pledge to tirelessly seek the truth, to deliver it to our readers faithfully, and to defend it from every attack regardless of cost and no matter the source – even if it comes from a bishop in white. Please be sure to pray for us and our efforts – for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

A new day is dawning in traditional Catholic media. Become a part of it by subscribing today. – Louie Verrecchio, Publisher / Editor